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Like many surrounding the end of the Mayan Calander, we also had a spiritual awakening.

In shorts, what this means is that we learned, or more precisely, finally experienced, and noticed there is much, much more to this world than what was taught, and pushed upon us from an early age.


What we were brought up with the environment, our surroundings, our culture, our education, our entire way of life is more so an illusion than anything closer to actually being real.


This is good news, and important to remember when being faced with any seeming life trauma, or news of traumatic events that seem so real in this so-called life.

With the knowledge and experience of a spiritual awakening, the benefit helps to enjoy life a little more, while not taking what may seem tough at times, so seriously.

What happens here in the 3rd dimension, is much less at our immediate control, than it is already planned from the hands of the greatest, unseen love, which is not meant to be fully understood.


This is so we may receive the full benefits of the experiences as perceived individuals. There is no wrong. There is no right.

There is only you, and the universe lives within you. Regardless of our experiences, however, this statement stays more so a belief than a knowing.

We have so much to learn, and so much more to enjoy.


If you’re a current citizen on earth today, you wish to be ahead of information’s evolutionary curve, or simply feel you are ready to reduce the amount of grunt suffering you experience, then welcome to the future of surface humans. We've got your continued growth covered with today’s most critical refreshers on:

  • Spirituality

  • Health

  • Wealth




The basics of spirituality are needed to abolish the need for emotional instability. Who you are, is who I am, is the universe at large. We’ll get into why everything is the way it is and how to continually program new upgrades to your life so all of your wants, needs, and desires are reflected. Achieving security and happiness in life is only the first step. If, for instance, you are sick or feeling lower in energy, healing using natural anti-aging practices will reform your body’s internal, and unseen energies to meet you in a place where greater natural access to intelligence stands and improves, whatever age you are.


Here, we focus on the all-natural. The human and its inherent powers are unadvertised because in truth, to be at your strongest, most vital, alert, and high vibratory self by default, all that needs to be done is to tap into the natural resources at our disposal. And if you love to eat, we’ll work on a way that is not only is more satisfying to you specifically, but we’ll do it in a way that sustains your youth, and vitality. The more critical things in life require you to be happy. However, for long-term happiness, you need maturity, along with the fundamentals of spirituality, health, and wealth.


Personal finance is the ultimate game of life. However, you must also take care of your others.  For instance, yes, we do have the most comprehensive information in personal finance today, it will take your most seasoned, or teenager alike and improve upon your current nature. That is the kind of information we have here and it is structured for all to understand, so you are easily able to implement these logics for drastic results to the upside, and for the long term. The business of personal finance is for everyone.

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