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Personal Finance

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

Before Meeting Basic Needs

“You're not living unless you are living well” – Sharula Dux

We are both consumers and providers. How well we live is not beyond the veil of subconscious action. We may consume sunlight, choose to love, and transmute anger to compassion. Better choices are often necessary, which begs the formidable question, what if the thing perceived to be wrong is what leads me to my highest path?

Perhaps we ought to be more grateful for the practicalities of forgiveness. Life may be commanded by the collective, but it is lived on the individual level.

“You are not here to make the choice. You’ve already made it. Your job is to understand why you made it.” – The oracle from the movie, The Matrix

If our lives were not dictated by those we appoint to govern our choices, wouldn’t we live better? Do we really believe those outside ourselves have a better knowledge of what is right and wrong?

Governance and policing may very well be necessary, especially in the early stages of a forming society, such as we are. We have a court and jury, but do we have a counsel for helping manners on both sides?

Formally, we do not.

As a result of a court decision whereas the opposition wins, we are often left with a lifetime of heartache. Furthermore, the vast majority of our worse crimes are simply a symptom of medically untreated faults from birth and/or early childhood.

There are countless problems that call on us to dissect and reverse before we are counted as a society. A wise, fun, and mature culture where peace rules the decision making has become a society, not before.

“As we continue to ascend in consciousness, we often see the truth, as best seen away from the context of time. During this transition, however, time should be mastered. And what better way to master time than to take the proper and necessary steps to become wealthy?” - The Angel On Your Shoulder (

One such problem today is the lack of financial literacy. If wealth holds any truth, it is that we all deserve it.

Proper self-guidance starts with a mind in proper alignment with the heart. Building wealth considers all areas of life. In this post, we will focus on the financial aspect.

In many ways, our material world is run by wealth. It is an essential part of everyday life. We use our wealth to feed ourselves and our children. We use our wealth to visit family and to travel around the world. We use our wealth to help and support the funding of new and promising projects for the world to benefit from.

“Martin Luther King said it was time to inject a new dimension of love into the veins of human civilization. I don't think anyone is calling Martin Luther King a New Age woo-woo.” - Marianne Williamson

We use our wealth to contribute to our communities, to build better relationships, to build trust, and to support the conservation and sustainability of our land and growing population. There is no question, that wealth is essential.

We often complain about how slow things are moving. Why has our government done this yet or done that? Why aren't we be taking care of better? Given that we are a first world country, why are people still dying needlessly and why is poverty still so prevalent?

The answer, of course, is simple. It is the same answer to answer all these questions. The answer is, it is up to us, not the government. In time, as we continue to grow in maturity, we will build a government in service to us. Before we do this, however, we need to answer these questions in action, willingness, and responsibility. Again, it is now up to the individual.

In short, it is up to you.

Clearing the Mind

“People who try to get rich quick stay broke long.” - David Bach

Building wealth is 99% hands-off and 1% or less hands-on.

As you continue to plant strong and organic seeds of wealth, the mind will work with you as you sleep. The elementary steps are what have been neglected by our schools, colleges, and universities. Let's get those out of the way first since this will be our foundation.

In doing so, however, we may have some deprogramming to do. Depending on your family's ancestral heritage, these ingrained thoughts pattern on money, wealth, and financial freedom may need to clearing and updating. This needs to be done consciously by you.

Your ancestors are waiting. Start clearing any negative emotional energies revolving around the subject of wealth. This way we can clear the financial area of the mind to lay the proper foundation for wealth to spring and grow. The blessings of our ancestors will come to us as we exert practice into these new ideas, concepts, practices, and truths about wealth.

“The love of money is the root of all evil.” - The Devil On Your Shoulder (

Like anything else, inspired creativity happens with a clear mind. In contrast, a foggy mind is the result of bad programming.

Most of us have been taught to dislike, or even hate money.

If there is an increment of these thought patterns still residing in the mind, the subject of money will be a challenge to embrace, let alone the building of wealth for long and lasting abundance.

Clear any fog by making regular updates to the riels of thought on money in your mind. Remember that to blame, is insane. It really is all up to you. When you receive money, it should feel as though you are drinking water or consciously breathing.

When you make a payment, the same. The more disappointed or excited you feel in any financial transaction, the closer your mind gravitates toward poverty and distress. Always be practicing the deprogramming of negative energies within your every financial transaction.

Money alone is neither good nor bad. Poverty, in all meaning of the word, is more so a case or result of sin. This holds more and more truth, as every one day passes. And there is perhaps no road more virtuous than a mind aligned with the heart and focused on building to wealth.

Wealth is not a destination, it is a lifestyle. And money flows in abundance for those who engage in the right energies surrounding wealth.

If both God and Jesus were sitting here now, they’d agree. Don’t you? Money alone, will not make you happy. The opposite is just as true.

Surveys show that contentment and happiness are the highest among those who show no excitement with money. These participants have plenty and their money worries are few and far between. They have attained wealth. Their hearts are open. Their pleasure comes from giving. You do not need to become a billionaire.

However, you should be well.

Let’s keep our focus on money and financial literacy. These basic wealth principles should have been taught to us at the same time we learn to read and write.

It’s up to us to break the chains of our society’s financial system of human enslavement. There is no better way to do so than to learn to become wealthy.

What Is Your Number?

“Help others and give something back. I guarantee you will discover that while public service improves the lives and the world around you, its greatest reward is the enrichment and new meaning it will bring to your own life.” - Arnold Schwarzenegger

More and more new millionaires are created each and every day, in all age categories, and from all backgrounds. A hundred years ago, to become a millionaire had a high degree of prestige. Today, it is simply meeting basic needs.

Seek to answer and or update these questions regularly.

  • If money were no concern for you, what would you do?

  • Who would you be with?

  • What causes would you support?

  • Who and what would you offer your tithing to?

  • Where would you live?

In time, your mind will no longer require nearly as much effort to keep viruses at bay. It will no longer require effort for you to attract wealth.

It helps to be aware of books such as The Richest Man in Babylon by Goerge Samuel Clason, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.

Although we recommend reading these classics, they won’t count as much progress toward wealth until you actively apply and adapt to a change in your own daily habits. The books, however, may serve as a source of inspiration.

Connect with your heart by delving deeper into who you are. It is perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle. To know thyself is only the start. Only then will your mind find peace and cooperation with your change in habits for a better life.

Creating Your Balance Sheet

Throughout your life, your personal balance sheet is regularly updated by you and your bookkeeper. It is a picture of your financial house.

Without the clearest picture of your own house, it is virtually impossible to get ahead.

Where your wealth and financial well-being are concerned, tending to your balance sheet is perhaps the most critical habit to form.

Imagine trying to drive with blindfolds on or build a house without a detailed blueprint. At the very least, you'll need a pencil and paper, along with the ability to add and subtract. However, we recommend using a spreadsheet.

As of late 2020, Google Docs still lags in efficiency for long term use. For this reason, we'll be using Microsoft Excel.

"That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially." - Karl Pearson

Your balance sheet will serve as the blueprint of your financial house. Given our current economic state, tending to your balance sheet, as an individual or incorporated entity, is perhaps the most relevant habit you can acquire today.

A balance sheet is simply a clear view of your financial house. Within it, you should be able to view, at a glance, where it is you are going. Is your house going to the dump? Is your house simply being patched for maintenance, or renovated to suit a better quality of life?

If you already tend to your balance sheet and familiar with the spreadsheet, feel free to skip this section. Otherwise, open a spreadsheet and title it with something that reminds you of its importance.

Creating The Algorithm

“ To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.” - Giorgio Armani

As you can see at the bottom, you can create additional sheets within the same spreadsheet. You may use additional sheets as a division of your expenses and liabilities, income and assets, or to formulate new ideas for renovating your financial house.

Each dollar that comes out of your house is to be counted within your Expenses, while each dollar that comes in is to be counted within your Income. You should also list your Assets.

An example of an asset is an amount of money you have yielding you a positive rate of interest, such as in an index fund, Bitcoin, or any built-up liquidity inside a life insurance policy. An example of a liability would be any amount of money you owe and costing you a negative yield of return, such as a mortgage, a credit card, any loan or line of credit balance.

To start, you’ll want to divide your spreadsheet into two sections. In one column, you’ll list your expenses. On the other, your income.

Anytime you are actively, passively, or otherwise involved in any transaction resulting in your bottom line, you'll be adding it to your Expenses or Income section.

Jot all transactions down to the penny.

When possible, keep any and all receipts so, at the end of the day, you can transfer the information to your balance sheet. Otherwise, make note of all transactions.

Once you have expenses and income on your balance sheet, no calculations need to be done manually. You’ll create the algorithm to do the work.

Although the laptop version will give you more options with regards to esthetics and the likes, we recommend getting familiar with the mobile version of Excel.

In this fashion, you can update your balance sheet on the go. Moreover, the software options are fewer making the growth of your learning curve faster. The mobile version lets you do everything you need to. You may later add greater esthetics using the laptop version and they will be kept when using the mobile version.

Calculating Cash Flow

To formulate the sum of all or a portion of your expenses, highlight the cell you wish the Total to be in. To create the algorithm for the sum of your Income or Expenses, type the equal sign as your first character.

Next, type SUM in capital letters. Then, type the open bracket symbol. Never use spaces when creating algorithms. Then, select by highlighting or typing the alphanumerical cells you wish to see the sum of. End with the close bracket symbol and press enter.

Your algorithm should look as follows:

  • =SUM(A3:A10)

To automate sums within an entire column, select it by highlighting the above letter corresponding to your list of entries. The algorithm will automatically update the sum of all current and new entries.

Your algorithm should look as follows:

  • =SUM(A:A)

Once you have the sum of your Income and Expenses, you’ll want your spreadsheet to calculate the difference.

The difference between your income to expenses is your Cash Flow.

To create the algorithm for determining your Cash Flow:

  1. Choose a cell, any cell. You can move it later by cut and paste

  2. Type the equal sign

  3. Click on the cell where the sum of your Total Income is calculated

  4. Type the minus sign

  5. Click on the cell where the sum of your Total Expenses are calculated

  6. Press Enter

Your algorithm should look as follows:

  • =C1-D1

In this case, C1 is the cell that contains your Total Income, D1, your Total Expenses.

Be diligent with your every entry. Include every penny that enters and leaves your chequing account, credit card account, cash wallet, or otherwise all other accounts.

Remember to also include all hidden expenses such as interest, fees, and auto-billed subscriptions. Once your Cash Flow is calculated, you'll find you'll either be Cash Flow Positive, Neutral (0), or Cash Flow Negative.

If you’re Cash Flow Positive, you’re ahead of the game. Good job! From now on, it's all about staying Positive and putting this Positive Cash Flow to work. If you Cash Flow Negative, congratulations just the same! The fact that you are now tracking, its what’s important.

Staying with this habit of tracking will eventually catapult you ahead of the curve. A negative Cash Flow is incredibly, and all too common, especially among those who can't help themselves but to unnecessarily overspending in the hopes of impressing others.

Keeping up with the Jones has gotten way too expensive. As a matter of fact, if you were to study the current balance sheet of the Jones' family, you'll find they are presently Cash Flow Negative and struggling.

Your best bet is to make every effort to keep Expenses down while focusing on alternative ideas to add more Income. However small, in time, it adds up to millions. All you need is an extra one hundred dollars a month.

Overcome compulsive behavior spending. Meditate and do whatever it takes to relax. You should be bathing in plenty of dopamine from the creation, and upkeeping your balance sheet showing a brighter future.

Play around with your sheet(s) until you are happy with it as a convenient way to make these calculations for you. Design it how you wish using color, styles, and borders.

Make it pretty, but most notably, simple. Finally, have fun with it! Like a Swiss army knife, spreadsheets are a multi-tool. Should you have any questions, look it up or email us.

In The Beginning

“What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us.” - Julia Cameron

Once you are Cash Flow Positive, you may then put your money to work using investment vehicles. However beware of cash, as a digital or physical fiat currency, in its depreciation in value over time. We did not have this problem in the past.

One dollar, for instance, had the value of one dollar. Today, one dollar has the value of zero dollars. This is thanks to the nature of fiat currency and its none existing limit to multiply.

It is why wages paid in cash, have gone stay stale over the years, while the price of goods only increased and continue to do so. This particular large scale problem, can not get better over time. It only gets worse.

Hoarding cash isn't sustainable long term as it creates an environment where the gap between the rich and poor increases. To live well, and sustainably, individuals must be financially secure in the very least. It is this decrease in value over time that makes cash the ultimate vehicle of insecurity. Thankfully, and in the midst of the housing bubble crash of 2008, Bitcoin was born as a global savior for reigniting financial security for all who participate in its use as the world's greatest store of appreciating value.

The reason Bitcoin can only appreciate in value over time, is that it is scarce. There are only 21 million in existence. No more can be created. Just like there are many available metals, there is only one gold. It is the same with Bitcoin. You may similarly equate other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin or BitcoinCash to Silver or Iron.

Measured in Time

“There is no greater power today than compassion and kindness.” - Corey Goode and The Blue Avians

To live well, we need financial security. To attain financial security, we need money. More importantly, however, is wealth. Wealth is where our focus belongs.

Wealth is measured in three commodities. Time, health, and money. The right balance of all three makes for a perfect recipe.

The amount of time you freely have available determines the wealth you manage in time. Your youth and or state of health determines your wealth in health. Finally, the amount of income your money produces for you, or simply the amount of money you have readily available determines your wealth in money.

The degree to which you are a slave to money versus its master is the measure of your wealth. This measure is only seen and improved through the acuity of your balance sheet. With the right focus and determination, your financial security and freedom can only improve over time. As it relates to money, what is your current time allowance for living freely both materially and geographically?

How about your values? Are they not do for an update? The world is constantly changing. Decrease your beliefs. Stay open to greater truths and increase your faith. To say you can have it all is an understatement of who you truly are.

Our focus here, for the sake of our mind's new and improved financial software, is on the money. Remember its relationship to time. Use your current energies to attain wealth first in the mind. Otherwise, simply becoming the unlucky winner of the lotto is not enough, it becomes a burden. Most who win the lotto lose it all and more after a few short years.

This isn't due to their lack of intelligence. Most have plenty. This happens simply because the mind wasn’t ready. Become first comfortable with the subjects of personal finance, wealth, and money.

What truly matters is not where you start, it's where you’re headed with regards to the change in your everyday habits. To achieve greater wealth, we must align our values for the good of all humankind. It starts on the individual level. You must become independent with regards to your capabilities for building and keeping your wealth.

To keep your wealth simply means to maintain and grow it. You are the keeper of your money. As humans, we are not meant to be masters and slaves to each other. If there is one virtuous use in relation to the word, slave, it is money. A good master looks after his slaves to make certain they are strong, healthy, and loved.

As humans, it is our greatest duty to participate in the evolution of our constantly rising frequencies and values. To be human today is to survive. To survive is to be compassionate. To be compassionate is to evolve. To evolve is to become wealthy in all areas.

But if there is a plague greater than all pandemics this world has ever seen, it is the lack of financial freedom amongst the common person. Thankfully, we live in greater times than ever before.

We may achieve whatever we wish. And if money is what lacks, we must first be clear on what money is. Hint: Money is not human, nor is it a tree or a plant, a bird, insect, land, or sea animal of any kind.

What Is Money?

“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” - Malika E Nura

Money is more like a rare rock or crystal. It is limited in number and cannot be multiplied, hence, has the potential to serve us as a store of value. Perhaps less so as a currency, we can simply use its appreciating value to improve the sustainability of our lifestyle as humans. And if this rock proves to be commonly valued higher than other rocks or crystals, then let us use this rock, not only as a store of value but as a rare commodity for building wealth.

And let us do so with our greatest determination. A simple search on the search engine with the search term, 'definition of money', brings up The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language's definition of money:

A medium that can be exchanged for goods and services and is used as a measure of their values on the market, including among its forms a commodity such as gold, an officially issued coin or note, or a deposit in a checking account or other readily liquefiable accounts.

Let's look at cash and how it fits. If money is to be used as a measure of its value on the market, cash fails simply because of its inflationary nature. It only loses more of its value over time. Also, an officially issued coin or note should be backed by something of actual value. What good is a piece of paper that says $20 on it, if it isn't backed by anything? A $100 bill costs just as much to print as a $5 bill. With no backing, this note of fiat currency we call the Dollar, Euro, Yen, and so on, are bound to fail in time.

Until 1971, the Dollar note was backed by Gold. It's how the coins and notes, we know of as cash, were conceived. Instead of carrying gold in our purses, we’d deposit our gold in the bank safe. In exchange, we’d use these notes as a promise to pay. Then came the war and in order to fund it, the American president at the time announced the denounced the Dollar note as a backing or promise to pay in gold. All of a sudden, cash was now free to be printed without limits, making it inflationary.

“A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.” - Yogi Berra

This is why we can no longer live off one medium income per household. We need multiple incomes and multiple jobs to fulfill our income needs. It only gets worse as more cash is printed each day. This makes cash, Dollars, or fiat, bad money at best. Finally, chequing accounts aren’t very liquefiable, since limits are often added to deposit, and more so on withdrawal amounts. Furthermore, the account drains over time if and when it is unused. The leads us to the other problem with cash.

Is the cash you have in your bank account really yours? The answer is no. Read the fine print on the terms and conditions of your banking agreements. The bank owns the right to your deposits. Your consent has been giving with your signature upon opening the account.

To summarize cash as a form of money, it is bad money at best. Not only as a store of value because it has none over time, but also as a currency. Unless you store it under your mattress where its value depreciates year after year, using it digitally will not only cost you more money, you'll lose your right to it altogether since it must be controlled working prominent by centralized entities.

That being said, the use of cash as we know it today is still in use as the most popular form of money because we simply knew no other war around what we were instructed to do by the authorities. Therefore, for this sole reason, cash cannot be discounted as the world's most common form of exchange.

How else are we supposed to pay for our groceries, shoes, and winter coat if not with cash? Until we can take back the responsibility of our own money as life hungry humans, cash will continue to exist while those of us unaware of its truths will only keep getting poorer.

Responsibility and financial literacy come first, the passage of cash as the world's most prominent form of money, comes second.

It all starts with you. The universe has heard your cries. In the midst of the greatest peak in tears, Bitcoin was born.

New Money

“To have consciousness without money is a tragedy, and at the same time to have money without consciousness is also a tragedy.” - Brother Roc


How does Bitcoin fit in our definition?


Bitcoin only increases in value with time since it is deflationary. This means there is a limited number of coins. As a currency, it is backed by itself. Bitcoin is only increasing in popularity. Like gold, its slow transaction times make it a greater store of value, as HODLers help to appreciate its value. Furthermore, as Bitcoin matures, so does its strength in value appreciation, alongside its adoption.

Secondly, a Bitcoin address is a very liquefiable account. As a Bitcoin owner, you become a centralized entity. In exchange, however, you bear the responsibility. Should you lose your password(s) and/or passphrase(s), there are no guarantees for the retrieval of your funds. Furthermore, you are the one in control with regard to transaction fees, limits, and so on.

Your account cannot be frozen, detained, liquefied, and kept by anybody else but you. For this reason, you must become responsible for the storage and security of your money. Thankfully, storing and securing Bitcoin has become increasingly easy.

For more information on Bitcoin security, simply look it up or email us.

How To Fish?

“A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money.” - William Claude Dukenfield

Here's where things can get a little tricky and perhaps harder for those who prefer paying down their bills before themselves. What is ultimately meant here is the importance of paying yourself first.

Say, your monthly income or allowance is 1000 dollars but the total of your immediate bills and minimum payments total 1200 dollars. Most people who stay in poverty would forget to pay themselves first, if at all.

Regardless of your Cash Flow amount, there will times where it may seem as though it may not be possible to pay yourself at all. The idea here is to remember who you are. The true you, who happens to borrow your body, is the most important piece of the puzzle. If it wasn't for you or your very existence, nothing or no one would get paid by you, nor would nothing or no one have the privilege of serving you with such services, products, loans, and credit.

Any and all income you receive is to have a set percentage from which to pay yourself first before all else. This habit is critical to practice. Whether that percentage is 10, 20, 30 percent or more, the amount is entirely dependant on you. The important part is you have a percent which is to grow as your income grows.

What percentage of your Income can you present as a payment directly to you before all else is even considered?

Include these measures in your balance sheet. Take all the time you need. The important thing here is, again, that you never miss a payment to yourself. All work and no pay or personal sweat equity, such as in starting a business, is personal slavery. Make it a habit to pay yourself first.

Wealth is a means of self-respect, hence a self-responsibility for a world that has everything you need, desire, love, cherish, and value. Only in this way will you gain the privilege to give back to those in need.

Love and good manners should be practiced while organizing for a continually increasing excess. The ultimate goal is to accumulate enough wealth for you to live well.

What you get from life depends on one thing and one thing only; your habits. To build wealth, you need to develop three critical habits:

  1. Keep track of your balance sheet

  2. Pay yourself first

  3. If paid in fiat currency, convert your cash to a store of value

Once you start experiencing a change from cash flow negative to cash flow positive, all while maintaining a percentage of your Income as your number one priority expense, you are ready to move on to the next step.

Cash Flow Management

“Money should be earned in moderation and spent in a wise manner such that it is under our control always. When we lose control, money takes an upper hand and starts ruling us. Money is a good servant but a bad master.” -

There are 101 million ways to make a million dollars. You should find the one which works best for you.

You may want to start a business or invest in crypto, but as you test different ideas, you’ll want your excess cash to be converted into a secure store of value. There is no greater store of value, today, than Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a financial masterpiece greater than the world has ever known.

Before we may live in a world undivided by fiat currency and war, or even money; and become a world where all basic needs and luxuries are provided for without the need for robotic, back braking, and mind-numbing labor, we need an alternative to human centralization outside of ourselves as individuals.

This is an area where developments such as AI may very well play a beneficial role for us in governance and central controls. Today, we put much too much responsibility on the backs of our fellow humans.

Where wealth and personal finance is concerned, we dug a hole too deep for us to feel warm. It's cold and time to climb out. Forget the ladder, we need an elevator!

“Bitcoin allows us to take back the responsibility we lost. It serves as a stepping stone toward greater financial abundance and equality. Beyond its marvelous financial attributes and enormous economic impact, it's technology, the blockchain, may very well be useful in the formation of a new government geared for servicing humans, rather than enslaving.” - Your Soul (

You now understand how to build and manage your wealth. Always remember, wealth is meant for all.

You brush your teeth, you wash your hands, you update your balance sheet.

Any questions?

Email us at

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