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Why Bitcoin?

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Most have already heard of the Bitcoin whitepaper.

In 2010, one Bitcoin had a speculative price or value of $0.10 USD. It won’t be too long before its’ new global value rises to $100K USD and beyond.

Although it may seem, only a cult with a secret agenda could come up with such a rise in price; however, Bitcoin's rise in price does not come as a clever form of Wall Street shenanigan, but as a result of its fundamental values.

One of these values is found at the heart, or core of the world's entire financial system. Any system of finance is based on one single thing; money. But what is money?

Money is simply what is used to buy something.

The more it is worth, the more it can buy. The more available, or accessible it is, the more it will be adopted.

To put many complex subjects or economics, and finance into one line or two, it's like this: Bitcoin is genius.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency created to help humans.

The burden of human decision-making from centralized entities is removed. Bitcoin is the answer to the wishes of our ancestors; To bring responsibility back to the individual, as a keeper.

As a keeper of Bitcoin, you are the bank meaning all responsibility is honored to you.

By personally being held responsible for your self and your family, you revive your sovereignty.

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