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Secrets Of The Cities

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

This post serves as a visit to a highly conscious narration by Sharula Dux, who shares the workings of a city called, Telos, where she is from.

The city, although ancient, is located beneath Mt. Shasta, in California. Far from deserted, it is currently populated and run by its inhabitants; an old and advanced society prepared to merge with us, here on the surface. 

Starting with a brief history of the Atlantian and Lemurian war, the audio ends with a portrait of the current lifestyle in Telos.​ The total length of the audio is less than 2hrs.

However, the descriptions in this short recording may be seen as yet another stepping stone toward a greater life of peace and harmony, here on the surface. In Telos and other areas alike, staying forever young with the option to ascend, is conventional living, where as with us, here on the surface, we are still battling the thought forms that force us into transitioning bodies wearing the template veil.  

Just as in Anastasia's Ringing Cedar Series and countless other shared stories alike, whether they are fiction, is not what matters. What matters is the ideas gifted by the subjects at hand. And if there is anything we know about the imagination; it is that the seemingly impossible can be reversed.

The vintage sound of the recording works perfectly to create the atmosphere needed to paint the picture. Mind you, it is best to listen in a meditative state. Be relaxed. This is what you want to be listening to during some well-deserved downtime. In a comfortable chair, the one you sit on to read a great novel is where you want to be.

Youtube, 'David Mongeon

Sharula Dux On Telos'

to listen.​

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